Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Google Apps Webstore Apps

These are the free apps I've installed on my Chrome.
Most of the apps are just links to the webapps, but they pretty much do the job.

Deviantart Muro - a drawing webapp by deviantart.
PsykoPaint - a fun drawing app that you can draw on your images. Great feature is you dont have to change the colors.
3) Evernote - Note taking application completely cloud based, so you can sync data easily between multiple PC's.
Jolicloud - a chrome web app version of the latest netbook OS. Link :
5) Picnik Photo Editor - Easy Image editing web application.
SketchPad - Pixel based drawing app
7) PostPost - Shows your facebook activity in the form of a newspaper for easy browsing.
8) Ajax Animator - A free 2D animation (like flash) app. Easy to learn.
WordStash : Improve your vocabulary. Learn a new word everyday.
10) CashBase : A simple app for personal finance management.
11) Layers : Another cool way to browse throught your twitter and facebook activity.
12) SteamBirds Survival : an addictive strategy game.
13) Feedly : Cool app for excessive blog readers. Syncs twitter & google reader as well.
GrooveShark : Must for Music Lovers.

Aviary Apps 

As a web designer myself, these are the apps I've installed.
Aviary Image Editor & Vector Editor.These are the only two apps i use from Aviary, they have great features in the likes of Photoshop & Illustrator.
The Music creator is for creating music files and can be saved as mp3 7 other formats.
The Effects editor is a cloud based app for editing videos.